Cat Hotel

Our great wish is to offer our guests, who are entrusted to us, a stress-free and pleasant time!

The accommodation is in bright, spacious and lovingly designed, air-conditioned

Cat Apartments

Of course with representative arrangements. Our guests can look forward to large, high solid wood scratching trees with caves, places to cuddle, hammocks and climbing possibilities. Our Wellness Cat-Hotel is located in a separate  apartments in our house.

Cats, who would like to explore the cat hotel, may do so one by one – individually or as a couple.

We enable our guests contacting the others in separate neighbor apartments as well as through flexibly applicable blinds – unobserved and undisturbed resting possibilities.

Our guests have cat fountains, with which drinking is a lot of fun and cats, which drink little are animated.

Homemade treats from 100% meat or fish are well accepted.

Playing, petting and caring for our guests is a matter of course for us. We care a lot about them and are always there for them.

We work with intelligence toys to stimulate and motivate your little ones.

To facilitate the temporary change of their usual habitat, we use color and music therapy and a special massage technique to relax. This can help to avoid stress, anxiety, homesickness, grief, dissatisfaction, depression and aggression. The use of Bach Flowers, natural sprays, magnetic field therapy and rose quartz contribute to a relaxed atmosphere.

Our new daylight lamps support the health of our guests. These correspond to the natural sunlight. Especially in the wintertime a well appreciated alternative. This is also very effective in the animal kingdom to avoid irritability, lack of motivation, listlessness, bad sleep, floppiness and depression.

With continuous further education and training through specialist literature or further education courses, we increase our success.

We do not provide groups for the protection of your pet!

To avoid stress, rankings, injuries caused by bites or claws, infections and other conflicts, each guest gets his own cat apartment. This also ensures that every guest has their own food and their own toilet. Individual care can be considered. No favorite spot has to be conquered. Guests arriving from a shared home will be also sharing a cat apartment. Provided they are getting along with each other. We discuss this in advance with the owner.

To avoid digestion problems or incompatibilities caused by unfamiliar food, we have decided not to offer a standard food. In agreement with our contract veterinarian Dr. Ursula Glockner and Dr. Josef Meurer from the veterinary surgeon in Strassenheim.

The cat owners bring along the usual food in sufficient quantity.

Your loved-ones will receive their food according to their specifications. You have the certainty that no food is denied.

BARF cats are also welcome.

It is possible to bring your favorite toys, your own cups and your own blanket for the well-being of your cat.

Our guests must be sufficiently vaccinated against cat sniffing and cat plague.

In addition, anti-rabies inoculation is essential for outdoor-cats. Also we recommend a leukemia vaccination.

Non-binding vaccination recommendations of the veterinary surgeon Strassenheim can be seen here.

You need to bring the vaccination card with your valid vaccinations it remains with us during the stay.

Medication can be given as needed and discussed in advance.

We advise a prophylactic treatment against parasites such as fleas for the protection of your cat.

Our guests get one of the best cat litter – Cat’s Best Oko Plus

We are tested and approved by the Veterinary Office and by the Department of Safety and Order according to § 11 of the Animal Protection Act.

You, as the cat-owner, should feel 100% safe about your baby is doing well with us.

Arrange an appointment and come to know us and our Wellness-Cat-Hotel.

We look forward to you!